Product Introduction

"Depingye" is a member retail platform of Xinju Group, which mainly focuses on German delicate commodities. It focuses on healthy life and provides German original products for its members with preferential price system. We only choose products with high utilization rate in Germany to eliminate genetically modified products.

Depingye and CLIC strategy hand in hand:

What you will see is not the stopover passing by, but the possession forever.

Furniture of international high-quality brand can be purchased at any time!

Who can't afford cheap furniture? And what we will really love is the good things that can enrich the interior space for decades. So we will go directly to manufacturers all over the world to see how these items are actually produced. For example, this wooden table! What kind of glue is used? This American spring bed! Is the tempered steel spring used in the furnace? If we hadn't done that, it would not have been our carefully selected souvenirs, carefully selected artworks and amazing rarities: award-winning designs for B&B in Italy, masterpieces of Baxter's cortex, Danish legends from Carl Hansen, Cassina and Thonet. Classic works, from Moormann's exciting MDF, Tymon Interior's dream wallpaper, Tom Dixon's industrial aesthetics. These can make the space get good tension, and you can rediscover the beauty of this space from all angles. Because we are designers of interior space, not just furniture sellers.
For 30 years, our goal is to bring good things into a better home world. They are selected by individuals from Germany, Milan or New York. Fashion products with short or superficial vitality cannot enter our showroom. It is this personal subjective selection that has shaped Clic's unique and personal style over the years: low-key luxury. The so-called international design refers to these brands, which can bring the beauty of real discovery. It is this style that makes us the fashion capital of Germany - Hamburg, a supplier of high quality interior furnishings and furniture.