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We Begin to Spread Monitoring Depth of Anesthesia and Improve Safety of Anesthesia

Published:2010-03-31 Views:837

There is a precise measurement for depth of anesthesia, “Narcotrend Monitoring Depth of Anethesia Technique Asia Training Center” was founded on March 29. Chief committee member of Chinese Society of Anesthesiology- Professor Yu Buwei said: Spread and carry out precise measurement for depth of anesthesia will effectively avoid risk caused by intraoperative awareness and too deep anesthesia. The death proportion correlative with anesthesia is 1:200000 for international advanced technique, however in our country is 1: 50000, so develop and carry our precise anesthesia is urgent.

Established by Chinese Society of Anesthesiology, Shanghai Ruijin Hospital and Hannover Medical School, “Narcotrend Monitoring Depth of Anesthesia Technique Asia Training Center” will train a group of monitoring depth of anesthesia in Asia and improve anesthesia safe level together. Precise anesthesia means that there is a specific anesthesia depth which can be controlled and adjusted exactly according to operation requirements, also the patient can wake in time without adverse reactions such as vomit etc. 
EEG signal is comprehensive reflect of synaptic potential changes of nerve cell of pallium, it is also the most effective method to evaluate anesthesia depth at present. By monitoring EEG signal, patient’s status during anesthesia will be evaluated exactly, especially monitoring reflection of brain against operation stimulation .

Professor Yu points out that right and effective anesthesia is the basis of operation. In common anesthesia, the dosage of anesthetic is estimated roughly by weight and age of patient, and the depth of anesthesia during operation is judged by blood pressure and heart rate, but blood pressure and heart rate are affected by operation which can’t reflect anesthesia depth accurately. Therefore, experience of doctor makes decision to a great extent during operation. In case of too deep anesthesia, it may have neurological sequelae and even endanger patient’s life. In case of too light anesthesia, patient will have memory of the surgery or even be painful, if serious there will be mental or sleep disorder. “ We will dedicate to spread EEG signal monitoring technique in our country or even in Asia, this new technique improve security greatly but no obvious increased cost.” 
Shanghai Ruijin Hospital introduced advanced anesthesia/ consciousness monitoring system Narcotrend on the basis of comprehensive evaluation, and all operating rooms had been equipped with Narcotrend and used in general anesthesia. As reported, Narcotrend was exhibited in 2000 Hannover Expo, and then it was spread and used in more than 400 medical institutions in Germany. The Schultzs who are inventors of Narcotrend said:” We are very glad to bring this technique to China in first-phase of Shanghai Expo.”